Yuj reporting for duty!!

This is just a showcase of the drawings that I've recieved over the years of my characters! At least the ones I can find...

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knock knock 긴토키 배달왔습니다 받아주세요! for 304am
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that jouishishi fanart………………will i ever recover…….??……..the answer is probs not……….

YUJ (304am) just showed me this and we are both… extremely flattered omfg
I’m glad you enjoy our stuff and your tags are always really fun to read, thank you so much!! half the fun we have making stuff is because of people like you

casually reblogs to my formeblog bc this is really cute ;w; tysm for the compliment about that post and i will do my best to make more bittersweet joui draws `w’!!

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some old school kp
my ice cream melted while I was drawing this
kyler is yuj’s 304am
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some of me and yujs dragons on dragon game kie n bobbydrakes are hers 
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it was a certain 304am's birthday yesterday!!! but uh i was at work all day so i drew for her today … heh, yuj's croma! happy birthday jujubee u old lady